Top 5 Reasons to Get Mighty Clean Cans


You clean your house, your kitchen, your cars, your windows, your floors- really, you regularly  clean everything in your house EXCEPT your garbage cans. WHY? Sure, you can spray some Febreze, or douse them with the hose but that doesn’t keep the stench away for long, and it definitely doesn’t kill the germs! Here are the top 5 reasons why regular cleaning your garbage cans is so important!


  1. Your Family’s Health


We know how important keeping your family healthy is, which is why THIS is the number one reason to clean your cans regularly! One health study found that garbage cans collected every other week had over 240 MILLION strains of bacteria on a SINGLE swab. Your own toilet seat only has 500 strains. These bacteria include salmonella, E.coli, listeria, norovirus, and many more! Some of those bacteria found in the study were even in the same family as the Black Death Plague! Our state of the art cleaning technology will clean your cans with high pressure water at 200 degrees, killing over 99% of that harmful bacteria.

  1. Odor


Dinner leftovers, meats, dirty diapers, litter? Yep, your trash bin can accumulate some of the worst smells around! The bags inside your trash can inevitably acquire nicks, rips, and slashes; therefore, odors mush and foul liquids find their way into the bottom of your trash cans!

  1. Varmints


Dirty cans are party central for all unwanted creatures. Cockroaches, Maggots, ants, flies, squirrels, raccoons are all trying to throw a bash… at your can! With regular cleanings your garbage cans will stay clean and smell-free, making them unattractive to your local pals.

  1. Curb Appeal

Don’t be embarrassed by your dirty trash cans! Whether you keep your cans inside your garage or out, everyone sees what you’re working with on trash day! With our scheduled cleanings, you’ll be sure to have the cleanest can on the block!


  1. A Clean Space


Garages can be used for so many things! Some use them for home offices, home gyms, or workshops. Yet so many are apart of communities or HOAs that force them to keep their smelly cans in their garage. The intense Florida heat and your smelly can are a recipe for a pungent, bacterial disaster! Cleaning your cans regularly will help you reclaim that extra living space, giving you an extra fresh, clean space!