With a new service likes ours, naturally there will be some questions! Below are the most common inquiries we’ve been getting! If you don’t see your question here give us a ring or send us an email- we’re here to help!


Why is it important to clean my cans regularly?

Cleaning your cans regularly will not only keep them odor free, it will also keep harmful bacteria from getting into your household. These bacteria include salmonella, E.coli, listeria, norovirus, and many more. Having clean bins means less health risks for you and your family! We have found that a monthly cleaning schedule is the most effective way to keep your cans continually odor and germ free.


Do you send reminders before you come out for service?

Absolutely! You will be sent a reminder via text message the day before service. Your service day will always be on your regularly scheduled garbage pick up day unless otherwise requested!


How does your service work?

We use state of the art equipment that cleans your cans using 200 degree high pressure water. Our 360 degree spray nozzles get into every nook and cranny of your can. We also use a green, eco-friendly deodorizing spray to ensure you cans are as fresh as the day they were made.


How will I know my bins were cleaned?


Once your cans have been cleaned and sanitized, you will get a text reminder to let you know your cans are mighty clean. We also leave a piece of blue tape on your lid to let you know your cans have been sanitized.

Do you clean commercial dumpsters? 

Yes, it’s one of our specialties! Restaurants, Grocery, Retailers, HOA, Condo + Apartment Communities, Schools, Malls and Theme Parks all have unique cleaning needs for their commercial dumpsters. Let us help!


Why can’t I just do it myself?

Manual cleaning of your cans allow harmful bacteria to flow straight into storm drains, contaminating all bodies of water that it enters. Just using a hose and broom to clean your trash and recycle cans is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria and diseases that breed in your cans. You are also coming into direct contact with some pretty harmful bacteria (think listeria, salmonella, norovirus and e.Coli!). To top it off, Water consumption is more than 15 times greater when done manually rather than using a professional high pressure system like ours.