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Mighty Clean Cans | Residential Trash Can Cleaning Service | Commercial Trash Can Cleaning Service | Clermont, FL

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Mighty Clean Cans | Residential Trash Can Cleaning Service | Commercial Trash Can Cleaning Service | Clermont, FL

We Clean Your Cans

Depending on which service plan you choose, we come by after your garbage service has emptied your cans and give them the ultimate clean.


Mighty Clean Cans | Residential Trash Can Cleaning Service | Commercial Trash Can Cleaning Service | Clermont, FL


No more smell, no more germs! Your cans will not only be sparkling clean, but deodorized and disinfected as well! It’s a win, win!

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Our Coverage Area

  • 34711 – Clermont
  • 34714 – Clermont
  • 34715 – Clermont
  • 34736 – Groveland
  • 34755 – Minneola
  • 34756 – Montverde

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What Our Clients Say

They are such an amazing company! They turned my garbage cans into Brand New!! They even smelled good! I am no longer dreading the hot months and the garbage stink in my garage! You cant beat the price for the amazing job they do! We are so happy we chose them! I recommend Mighty Clean Cans 100%!

Meagan R.

Mighty Clean Cans is SO worth it!!! My garage was smelly from my trash bins (gross, I know). They cleaned them so well that they smell fresh and are very clean! I highly recommend this service! Absolutely impressed.

Lauren W.

Never thought this would be something I needed to get done. Boy what a difference my trash cans look and SMELL great!! Per my HOA I have to keep my trash cans in the garage. All I have to say is my garage smells so much better now. It’s a very simple process and look forward to the next months to come.

Tony Q

Saw an advertisement on Instagram and signed up for them to clean both my trash cans. They did an excellent job cleaning the cans inside and out. Great new small business. I would recommend!

Aubrey T

Loved how clean my cans came out!!!! I did not think they could be that clean! Highly recommend their service!! Also, we were leaving our house and met the owner as he was cleaning our cans. We put one clean can back up but had to leave before the other was finished. When we came home the can was up by our house, when I expected to find it by the road. Just a great service!!!

Tina F

Highly recommend!! Amazing service and staff! Never thought our cans would be this clean ever again!! Owners are super friendly and knowledgeable!! Cannot wait to continue service with them!!! ☺️

Lauren H.

Just got my can cleaned today for the first time and I’m so impressed! It’s so clean and smells AMAZING! Thank you so much for making my nasty trash can clean!!

Suzanna M.

Amazing! Just had our first clean! I wasn’t home at the time but I received a text and email stating the cleaning was complete. When I arrived back home I saw the can was taken up to the garage and the lid was taped shut. Smelled super fresh and looked great! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

Morgan F.

Excellent and professional service. Very easy transaction and quick service. Highly recommend Mighty Clean Cans! Honest, hardworking people!

Jodi H.

We have only had one service, but we are so happy to have had Mighty Clean Cans transform our nasty trash cans! It is so convenient and brought a smile to my face to come home and find my trash cans brought up to the house! They even sent me a hand written Thank You note to the house! They thanked me! I should be thanking them! Great local business and I’m happy to be their customer!

Christine K.



With a new service likes ours, naturally there will be some questions! Below are the [...]

Here to Help!

You clean everything in your house EXCEPT your garbage cans. Why? Because who wants to clean a maggoty, germ infested mess all the time? WE DO! Let us do your dirty work! We specialize in cleaning AND sanitizing your cans with state of the art equipment until they’re “mighty clean”! With the Mighty Clean Guarantee your cans are 99.9% disinfected after cleaning, keeping your family safe from all those nasty viruses (I.e. salmonella, norovirus, e.coli, listeria).

Our services include cleaning and sanitizing garbage cans, recycle cans, commercial containers, and pressure washing garbage can enclosures and pads.

Our specialized can cleaning and sanitizing equipment provides service in the areas of, Clermont, Minneola, Groveland, Mascotte, Winter Garden, Montverde, and Oakland! Don’t see your town listed? Please use the “Contact” page to let us know where you need service.